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HMT Weeks 5-11

It’s about time I updated you on my half marathon training! You probably wondered if I was still doing it because it has been radio silent on this subject for a few weeks. I have been slacking in that department…well in the blogging department in general. What’s sad is I really enjoy blogging and sharing my thoughts on “paper,” but with my work schedule lately & my little mover it has become darn near impossible to sit down for more than 5 minutes. I’m trying to minimize the amount of time I’m working at night, but it is becoming impossible. My patient husband has been great as I work through the craziness that is working multiple part-time jobs, but I hope to remedy some of this stress soon. On a positive note, I am really enjoying what I am doing in each job…especially my “job” as a MOM! (more…)


I’m Doing a Half Marathon!

Happy first day of May! I love May. I love springtime because it brings new beginnings and it means that winter is finally over! I am also excited to celebrate my first Mother’s Day next weekend. It may also have to do with the fact that my birthday is in May! 😉


I love my girl! We took a few pictures before church last Sunday.

So, to celebrate new beginnings and springtime, I’m starting my training this month for a half marathon!! I’ll be running it right around Reese’s first birthday (mid-August). I’m nervous, excited and empowered all at the same time. I am not an “I just love running” girl. Me and running have a love hate relationship. It loves me and I hate it ☺️. I do love the feeling I have after I run, but I want to stop within the first mile usually. I think it’s because I know that I have time left and then my stomach starts to ache…blah blah blah; excuses! After I get past that first mile, I usually feel great and can’t wait to keep going. Funny how that works, huh?

half marathon training

5K walk with one of my newest clients and her cuties!

I have done two halfs in the past; one five years ago with my hubby who was my boyfriend at the time and a trail half right before I got pregnant with baby girl. I was not fully prepared for either race, so I really want to prepare properly and get a new PR (which trust me folks won’t be that hard!!).

Why do I want to run a half marathon in August?
1. New fitness challenge
2. First half post baby
3. New PR
4. Prove I can do it to myself

Right before I got pregnant with Reesie, I was really enjoying running and even won 2nd place for females in my age group in a large 10K race. I still have the trophy on our bookshelf because I was so geeked! Since I wasn’t running when I found out I was pregnant and we were heading into winter, I decided not to run when I was pregnant with her, but kept doing TRX, Zumba, volleyball, walks and weight training until the last week I was pregnant with her.

I am very competitive by nature, but running has never been my strong suit. Lately though, my average miles have been AMAZEBALLS! I used to be a 10 min miler, but in the past month I have been averaging 8:30-8:45 per mile. Wahoo!

half marathon training

3 mile sunset run earlier this week (post-run cool down…folding cloth diapers)

What do I need to work on in May to achieve my half marathon goals?
1. Up my runs from once per week to 3-4 times
2. Fuel my body – since I am still breastfeeding and upping my runs/week, I need to focus on getting enough nutrients & quality nutrients not to hurt milk production

I’m ready to see where my training takes me!

half marathon training

Girls & our babies after the 5K walk last weekend. I think I need to upgrade my shoes for my birthday this month!