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body after baby half marathon training

Body After Baby: Finishing a Half Marathon…with a PR!

As you may have seen on Instagram, I did indeed complete my half marathon this past weekend! I am SO HAPPY I did it…and that it is over (but more on that in a little bit). It seems like a lifetime ago when I told everyone I would be completing one around Reese’s first birthday. (more…)


HMT Weeks 5-11

It’s about time I updated you on my half marathon training! You probably wondered if I was still doing it because it has been radio silent on this subject for a few weeks. I have been slacking in that department…well in the blogging department in general. What’s sad is I really enjoy blogging and sharing my thoughts on “paper,” but with my work schedule lately & my little mover it has become darn near impossible to sit down for more than 5 minutes. I’m trying to minimize the amount of time I’m working at night, but it is becoming impossible. My patient husband has been great as I work through the craziness that is working multiple part-time jobs, but I hope to remedy some of this stress soon. On a positive note, I am really enjoying what I am doing in each job…especially my “job” as a MOM! (more…)

HMT Weeks 2-5

So, I declared a little over a month ago that I was training for a half marathon in August. I am still planning to do the half marathon, but I better kick it into gear if I want to get the half done in under 2 hours! Here are my runs over the past four weeks:

HMT Week 2
Run 1 – 3.10 miles @ 8:40 pace
Run 2 – 2.09 miles @ 8:50 pace

half marathon training

My hubby catching me coming down the road 🙂

HMT Week 3
Run 1 – 2 miles @ 9:50 pace (trail run)

HMT Week 4
Run 1 – 3 miles @8:42 pace
Run 2 – 2.80 miles @ 8:50 pace

half marathon training

Don’t forget to stretch!

HMT Week 5
Run 1 – 3 miles @ 8:30 pace
Run 2 – 2 miles @ 9:33 pace (with Baby Reese)

half marathon training

On my run with Baby Reese. She does a good job of keeping me motivated!

I have been pretty disappointed with the amount of runs I have been able to fit in during my first five weeks of training. I was hoping for 3 runs per week, but that has just not happened. Reese is still getting up once per night (more on that in her 10 month update later this week), so I have the hardest time getting up earlier than I need to on days that I am home. I am so darn exhausted from not sleeping through the night since being pregnant with her that my runs have mainly been at night.  With the heat kicking up for summer & her bedtimes being inconsistent, I have just had a hard time getting motivated or getting time to do them without wilting in the heat. To combat this, I am going to:

1. Plan to take Reese in the mornings for a run.
2. Utilize the (gently used) treadmill I bought Ryan for Father’s Day when it’s too hot to run outside. I’m excited for its arrival soon!

On the positive side, I have been doing a lot more weight training and I think I see more definition. I hope it’s not just in my head.

half marathon training

What will Week 6 of half marathon training have in store for me? It better be 3 runs or I will be fairly disappointed in myself. Here is to hoping you all will keep me accountable!

Did I mention that Reese’s 1st birthday party will be the same weekend as the half marathon?! How is she almost 1 year old already? I better get to planning!! (Don’t worry, I have a Pinterest board already dedicated to it :).)

Half marathon countdown – exactly 2 months! Wish me luck…and motivation.



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Half Marathon Training – Week 1

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours started out well with get togethers with friends on Friday & Saturday, but ended up stressful on Sunday because baby Reese got her first fever ever. It was so hard to see and you feel helpless as a parent when your baby is sick. She had one case of diarrhea & vomiting too, but thankfully she seems to be in the clear now!

Below is what I did last week:

Sunday – Killer Buns Workout (one of my workouts with weights & body weight training)
Monday – Sexy Arm Workout (one of my workouts with weights & body weight training) & 30 min walk with the pup & baby
Tuesday – 2.25 mile run @ 9:05/mi
Wednesday – Recovery day (30 min walk with the babe & fur baby)
Thursday – Rest day
Friday – 2 mile run @ 9:11/mi average
Saturday – 1 hr pt client session

half marathon training

New Nike’s that I have to return because they created a sore on the back of my foot 😦

My week 1 half marathon training did not go as expected…slower times than usual, blister from my new shoes, multiple cold days (frost at night in May), missing a run earlier in the week…but all I can do is do better this week. I planned to make up the run I missed yesterday, but my baby needed snuggled and loved so that took precedence. I plan to do an extra run this week to get back on track, but I won’t push it if I can’t fit it in. I’m rejuvenated to have a better week this week!

half marathon training

My slowest run in a while. I felt like I was stuck in concrete. On a positive note, this is still almost an entire minute faster than my typical runs pre-baby. It’s all about perspective.