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My Fitness Goals for 2015

It always feels good to be back…in The Fit Dish link-up with Jessica Joy,, & Jill Conyers,! I am really excited about today’s topic…our fitness goals for 2015. Here are three I really want to focus on next year:

  1. Maintain my level of fitness with consistency – I don’t have any crazy goals for 2015 because I always put so much pressure to achieve and go beyond what I did the year before. My focus this upcoming year is consistency. Consistently workout on a regular basis, consistently progress & set an example for my family.

    lean legs pyramid

    A favorite of mine that can be done anywhere.

  2. Make a plan to take more classes with friends – Before I had Reese and during my pregnancy, I loved taking exercise classes. All kinds: kickboxing, spinning, Zumba, yoga, TRX & they were all free through my job. Now that I’m self-employed and we have no childcare, 95% of my workouts are at-home or running outdoors. It’s a great way to workout, but I really miss taking a class or two a week with friends. It’s fun to stay connected that way, but also feel camaraderie with others who are there for the same reason. I’m working on securing childcare a few days a week, which I’m really excited about.

  3. Continue to incorporate my family – I feel really grateful that my husband loves to workout & my daughter enjoys jumping on us when we’re doing push-ups or planks. It still isn’t always easy to incorporate everyone in your fitness (aka you can only do so many push-ups with a monkey on your back). Ryan told me about this awesome play area for kids at one of the gyms on the base. Well, we finally got to check it out yesterday & it’s a great facility! You can run, row, use the elliptical and they even have a few free weights and machines outside the kids area. Plus, there are many other areas in the facility with more equipment. My favorite part…few use it, so no gym-timidation (and yes I was totally feeling jittery being back in a gym, silly but true).
    family fitness

    My little stinker

    There were no other kids there & they had tons of toys. I can see her the entire time through clear glass, but unfortunately that ensued wails from her many times since she could see me but not reach for me. We’ll work on the separation issue. It’s nice that we can work out as a family and take turns with her if we need to, but I love that the military wants to incorporate the entire family into living a healthy lifestyle.

    family fitness

    Isn’t this an awesome play spot where I can see her while I work out?!

Stay tuned for another goal I’ll be sharing later this week!


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